Billionaire’ Bond King’ Jeffrey Gundlach Predicts New Bitcoin Sell-Off, Says BTC Has Lost Its Steam

    Billionaire “Bond King,” Jeffrey Gundlach said that Bitcoin had misplaced its concentration, and it will likely go into reverse to its pre-2021 price level. In a new CNBC interview, the CEO of a speculation organization firm known as DoubleLine Capital made an assessment of the state of the Bitcoin market and said that he actually believes Bitcoin has reached its peak as needed. Ahead and shoulder formation is again a technical pattern that also suggests a trend reversal once it is going to get completed. According to Gundlach, he sees a fall down of over 26% in the current prices of $31,278.

    Gudlach has also highlighted that he is not a fan of BTC while adding that he does not even own the leading crypto asset even after its 50% devaluation from an all-time high of $64,000.

    It is an only trading vehicle, and it was never long Bitcoin personally, but it was never short on Bitcoin. Gudlach said that there is no risk forbearance in his DNA where he needs to get concerned to drag up the quote every day to see if it is downward 20%. However, he will not be able to own Bitcoin at present, but he thinks that everyone can have an opportunity to buy it at a much lower level.

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