Bitcoin Will Not and Should Not Be a Currency in the US, Says Michael Saylor

    The CEO of MicroStrategy and Bitcoin bull Michael Saylor told that there is not any opportunity Bitcoin will be used as legal tender in the US. Saylor has once more been a prolific Bitcoin follower ever since MicroStrategy has added about the peak crypto asset to its stability sheet during August 2020.

    In spite of his maintenance for Bitcoin, Saylor told the crypto forecaster Scott Melker that he think it is better for BTC if it is viewed as property somewhat than as a currency.

    Saylor has actually compared Bitcoin to Apple, Amazon, and Google, the well-known platforms, and said that betting against significant advantages in the technology that historically was a bad choice.

    So the question here arises – how long do you going to watch them win before deciding that they are the winner? And according to the CEO, 30 years will be extremely late. If you are going to wait for 30 years before you are picking up the winner, you will probably not get outsized returns. But you must have watched them win for over ten years while purchasing them and making a lot of money.

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