Clean-water nonprofit launches celebrity-funded Bitcoin water trust

    A New York-based non-profit, also known as Charity: water, which used to bring clean and safe driving water to help developing countries, has started to accept Bitcoin donations. These are the donations that will be done through a dedicated cryptocurrency fund – an initiative that can help the organizations create a center of attention of new donors towards its action.

    With the launch of Bitcoin Water Trust, Charity: Water can receive and hold Bitcoin donations to fund global water projects by 2025, according to the announcement made by a non-profit. The fund’s assets will not be totally there in Bitcoin with the implementation of the water projects, but it will be developed in the flagship digital currency.

    Tony Hawk, a professional skateboarder, also one of the prominent donors for funds, has backed Charity: water for more than one decade. He said that he extremely grateful to provide the relevant support to the Bitcoin Water Trust, and he believes that it can provide the required support needed for charitable growth.

    With the motive to meet its lofty goal for collecting around 100 BTC, Charity: Water has tapped around 100 visionaries to make a donation for at least 1 BTC. Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, the entrepreneurs of Bitcoin, will match the first 50 BTC that they will receive in the donation.

    In recent years, crypto-focused charities have gained huge popularity that reflects mainstream growth for accepting digital assets. The rise of crypto charities was recently on exhibit when two of the projects handled by Blockchain, named Elongate and Munch, have rapidly grown over $3 million for various charitable causes. Meanwhile, the Giving Block has also launched a new Crypto giving pledge during April with the motive to ramp up the efforts made for industry-wide donations. The American Cancer Society has initiated to agree to cryptocurrency donations through an enthusiastic fund that was established with the Giving Block while allowing for their partnership.

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