Fantom to pilot blockchain-based IT solutions in Uzbekistan

    The Fantom Foundation has announced the joint venture while collaborating with the AG Mentors group headed by Elyar Ganiev, Former Uzbekistan Deputy Prime Minister.

    According to the announcement that has been made, the collaboration will use the Fantom-based blockchain solutions to modernize the IT infrastructure of the country.

    Fantom’s partnership with AG mentors has been made for the digital transformation agenda of the Uzbekistan government. President Shavkat Mirziyoyev has made a plan while highlighting the use of digital technology with the motive to improve public services in the country.

    It has been reported that Fantom will provide the solution for blockchain in the areas of –

    • the management of the supply chain,
    • the digital currency of the central bank, and
    • the planning resources for the enterprises.

    According to the announcement, the Fantom Foundation has made a plan to draw the experience while working with South Asia and the Central government. Indeed, previously, it was reported that Fantom is currently engaged in the public-private relationship agreement with Tajikistan. Fantom’s operation in Tajikistan is customized towards the IT sector while focusing much on driving modernization in the country.

    Along with the partnership with the Tajik government, Fantom has also collaborated on the projects in Pakistan and involved in developing blockchain solutions for the Punjab prisons department. While in Afganistan, the blockchain project has been carried out with the Ministry of Health to use the decentralized technology while combating the spread of counterfeit pharmaceuticals.

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