Hacker Behind $611,000,000 Crypto Heist Left Trail of Digital Fingerprints, According to Blockchain Security Firm SlowMist

    Blockchain security firm, known as SlowMist, told the attackers, who were behind a hack for $611 million of Poly Network, left a trail for the digital fingerprints while revealing the details of the massive crypto heist.

    Poly Network is a project to enable the swapping of the tokens across different blockchains said to its more than 16,000 Twitter followers that its system is going to breach on Tuesday. Through on-chain and off-chain tracking, SlowMist said they had established the attackers’ mailbox all along with the IP address and appliance fingerprints. The blockchain security company also tinted that the attacker has originally used Monero, which the Binance Coin then swap over along with Polygon and Ethereum. According to SlowMist, the three crypto possessions will be used to funding the hack that happened.

    SlowMist also added that mugger appear to prepare for the attack for quite some occasion, depending on the manifold fingerprint in sequence with the group of funds.

    When looking for the  Poly Network attack, security researcher and the Ethereum developer named Mudit Gupta noted that the events do not appear to be typical decentralized finance hack.

    Poly Network urges the cybercriminal to go back the in general stolen funds in the letter tackle to the hacker.

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