One Metric Will Confirm Start of Next Altcoin Season, According to Prominent Analyst

    One popular analyst and trader said he is closely taking a close watch over the crypto index that he believes will be the signal to start the next altcoin season. The pseudonymous trader, who is also known as the Credible Crypto in the industry, told his more than 200,000 Twitter followers that the Bitcoin Dominance Index is poised for the relief rally that can offer great opportunities for the altcoin traders.

    Traders are also relying on the Bitcoin supremacy Index with the purpose to get a sense of Bitcoin value that is a comparative value of the broader cryptocurrency market. A growing BTC DOM is yet again an easier method to scrutinize when the Bitcoin value is rising quicker than the rest of the crypto markets and vice versa. The convincing crypto said the BTC DOM relief rally could blot the bottom for the altcoins seasons, as he is expectant to carry on its downtrend.

    In procession with the prediction, the crypto trader has further said that he expect altcoins to gather in the midterm before pulling off the final stage in the next six months. Between the two rallies, Credible Crypto said that he sees altcoins function within a broad variety.

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