Ripple Resolution With SEC Not Coming Anytime Soon, Says Legal Expert – Here’s Why

    Legal expert, James K, Filan said that XRP investors are not going to expect a settlement in the lawsuit between Ripple and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission that can be made anytime sooner. In a tweetstorm, the defense lawyer and the former federal prosecutor also said that it looks like the government is not showing any sign to give up.

    Additionally, filan also said that the deposition of the SEC’s former director of the Corporation Finance, known as William Hinman is likely to open a can of worms that Ripple lawyer will examine for some time. The SEC also accuses Ripple for selling XRP as a security during its launching time, which alleges that the token will remain one to this day. Hinman also gave a speech during 2018 while stating the belief that the Bitcoin is not a security and the current offers along with the sales of Ether are not securities for transactions.

    According to Filan, the lawsuit that is between the SEC and Ripple is all about a war and XRP bulls are going to strap in for the long haul.

    Filan also belived that while following the Hinman deposition, Ripple lawyers are going to dig dipper while questioning any individuals that the former SEC insider can have named otherwise.

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