Russian Bitcoin Critic Says He Would Have Bought BTC for 100 Rubles

    Anatoly Aksakov, who is also a member of Russia’s State Duma and a major spokesman for the cryptocurrency legislation of the country process, has made a claim for the Bitcoin he has never owned.

    Aksakov also mentioned that he would not hold any Bitcoin as the government has forbidden officials from purchasing crypto, which is also reported by the local news agency TASS. The official goes on to mention that he can buy some of the Bitcoin while considering it as an important investment before the ban came into force. During the ongoing interview, Aksakov also argued regarding Bitcoin; while he regarded it as an important investment that it will not be available to unqualified investors due to its extreme instability. He has also mentioned the development that will be made in Russia’s crypto tax regime while noting the reports regarding the crypto tax made on a voluntary basis.

    Being a leading financial officer in Russia, Aksakov will be there on Financial Markets and serve as a chairman of the Russian State Duma Committee while joining hands with the Bank of National Banking Council members in Russia. He has also emerged as a major Bitcoin critic who can make a prediction for the last year while considering that Bitcoin does not have any future.

    The remarks of Aksakov came shortly after another regulatory initiative that he has taken to partially lift the ban of the crypto payments that the country has made in late May.

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