Sharp Bitcoin Rally To Abruptly Follow Market Retreat, According to Crypto Analyst – Here’s His Timeline

    A well-known and highly known crypto trader is telling others about what he considers in the entire store for Bitcoin while heading into the rest of the year positively. The pseudonymous broker, also known as Kaleo, is looking towards the tremendous resemblance between Bitcoin’s chart beginning from July of 2020 as compared with today.

    Kaleo told his more than 300,000 followers regarding his last year, so Bitcoin has followed the tech narrative while exploring alongside the Nasdaq. During this round, he is also looking for the history to rhyme.

    Further, Kaleo also noted that the Bitcoin chart is looking especially bearish in the middle period of July, but it has happened after the BTC rallied harder.

    Kaleo also shared a chart while inserting it on top with his probable July BTC price action. According to the trader’s chart, Bitcoin will consolidate it until the July end and then take off to hit more than $48,000 in the month of August.

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