This Crypto Whale Has Made Over $500,000 on Trades – Without Moving Bitcoin or Ethereum.

    A user who was on the Polymarket has made an earning of more than half a million dollars. Polymarket is an Ethereum-based betting platform that users can use to place wagers on different types of events such as elections, news development, etc or the Dogecoin prices.

    According to, the participant, who is among the most profitable users on the entire platform, has clocked more than $566,000 in winnings.

    Further, the participants who were there on the Polymarket place their bets or trades in the USDC regarding the Stablecoin while getting shares that correspond to the probability of certain outcomes.

    Now the users can efficiently buy or sell shares even prior to the resolution with a 2% transaction fee that is charged along with the Ethereum gas fees that the users can incur when depositing or withdrawing USDC. Polymarket Beta again had been launched on June 16th, 2020. When considering whether the Ethereum’s London hard work upgrade is going to happen in the same way as scheduled, it can be among the recent bets that the most profitable poly market whale has made. During the month of July, the betting whale has also wagered on whether the decentralized finance platform Iron Finance could reach over $500 million in the overall value that has been locked in August 1st.

    Some of the other things on which the whale has made the bets were on some of the following points –

    • the world’s richest individual as of February 27th, 2021.
    • the Ethereum’s price as of August 11th, 2021.
    • Whether or not you can get in excess of the 56 points in the Superbowl 55.
    • Whether the suicide squad will have a gross of over $37.5 million in the US during the opening weekend.
    • Whether the Cardano is going to support the smart contract by October 1st in this year.

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