Tim Wu, the Father of Net Neutrality Reportedly Owns Over $1 Million in Bitcoin

    It is probable that cryptocurrencies can be anathema for confident members of the United States President Joe Biden’s administration, but it has not blocked one staffer from possessing a small fortune in Bitcoin (BTC).

    According to Politico’s reports, Tim Wu, who is a special supporter for the expertise and opposition policy to the leader at the National Economic Council, has owned over $1 Million in Bitcoin. The BTC ownership of Wu came to power after the recent revelation of the personal-finance that revealed the ownership of the Filecoin. Wu has made a report for $1 million and $5 million that was between $100,000 and more than $250,000 worth of FIL.

    The White House Bitcoin pot advisor allegedly constitutes the main portion of the financial portfolio of WU, which is somewhere between $4 million and less than $12 million in value. Wu was a prominent legal scholar and a law professional who used to teach at Columbia University has previously made an argument for the value proportion of Bitcoin. Wu has joined the chorus of critics while labeling the BTC  a bubble while considering a premier cryptocurrency that was rallied to an all-time high near to $20,000.

    The legal scholar has also made a note for the critic of the Big Tech firms that were actually responsible for the terms such as Net Neutrality. An unidentified source at the White House has also set free himself from the harsh policy matters that are related to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.

    Wu weighted on the Bitcoin for the hard fork saga that has led to the appearance of Bitcoin Cash. Wu was against the initial decision and decided not to support the fork and provide protection to its users temporarily.

    Bitcoin and crypto are also coming under improved scrutiny under the Biden administration and the new anti-BTC narrative that was seemingly shifting towards ransomware attacks.

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