Top Crypto Analyst Predicts New All-Time High for Uniswap, Examines State of Litecoin and Chainlink

    Top crypto forecaster Nicholas Merten is plan out the bullish situation made for UNI, a native cryptocurrency of the decentralized switch Uniswap.

    In a new video, Merten told his more than 463,000 YouTube subscribers that UNI is at present receiving bounced from a meticulous key hold up level.

    Merten also tinted that he consider that Bitcoin is in a mid-cycle alteration as the pair is yet to produce a bearish that is subsidiary low system while signaling towards a trend reversal.

    The prominent crypto forecaster has been plotting two bullish scripts for BTC, and he has seen that the pair are printing a new all-time high that was above 0.0009 BTC during the fourth quarter of 2021.

    Another coin couple on Merten’s radar is Litecoin, which was against Bitcoin, and according to the analyst, LTC is creating a bullish outline that can end its downtrend.

    Merten also said that there is also a good chance that BTC will break its resistance around 0.0038 that worth about $130 before getting exploded.

    As for Chainlink, Merten said that the decentralized oracle network is currently hovering above the long-trend support against Bitcoin.

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