Trump Calls Bitcoin a Scam, advocates for Dollar Hegemony

    The former President of the United States, Donald Trump, has once again smashed Bitcoin.

    Back in July 2019, Trump has made a statement that he was not a hard fan of either Bitcoin or Crypto, and it was the time when he was in his office. At that time, Trump has identified price volatility which was the main point for his anti-crypto stance, and he stated that cryptocurrencies are not money and their values depend on merely thin air.

    As reported previously, the management of Trump has made a plan to endorse anti-crypto policies with Trump while telling the former Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin to go after Bitcoin. During the final days of the Trump administration has noticed the U.S. treasury filling the pot with controversial regulations targeting wallets of self-hosting. The policy of the Trump era has become extremely expanded in the Biden Administration with the services for Internal Revenue while looking close towards the loopholes of crypto-related taxes.

    However, pro-crypto congresspeople, including Senator Cynthia Lummis and the representatives’ Warren Davidson, will continue advocating for the crypto wallet’s privacy rights. The conversation around the regulations of cryptocurrency in the United States has then shifted towards ransomware due to the new focus for the anti-crypto crowd that was there in Washington. Separate ransomware has also attacked the U.S. that is now responsible for the new narrative shift, which has been made.

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