US Bill Eyes Crypto Traders, Aims for Stricter Laws to Boost Tax Revenue by the Billions

    The U.S. Blockchain Association is now stepping out to battle for new crypto regulations that are actually getting proposed in the historic bipartisan infrastructure deal. It is working its way through the Senate. Robert Frank, a wealth report at CNBC, said that the latest draft for a 2,702-page infrastructure bill targets modernizing bridges, roads, charging stations for electric vehicles, and internet services. These are trying to take crypto tax evasion among other systems.

    The new reporting rules set up for the crypto traders will raise an estimated $28-30 billion over ten years in tax revenue, and it has been introduced on page 2,433 of the bill. Frank says it is about cracking down on the people who are not reporting for the taxable crypto transactions. The bills issued have stated that the amendments that will be made according to this section will apply to the returns needed to be filed, and the statement needed to be furnished after December 31 in 2023.

    There are very few exchanges that have reported to be taxable transactions to the Internal Revenue Service, according to what is stated by Frank. The new bill will impose stricter laws regarding the businesses handling crypto while making the crypto seller report regarding the purchases and sales prices. It would also need digital asset transactions for $10,000 or more to be reported to the IRS.

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