World Economic Forum Outlines Speed of Cardano, XRP, Solana, Celo, Alogrand, and Stellar Lumens

    The World Economic Forum highlights the reports regarding the speeds at which various crypto assets, such as Cardano, XRP, and Stellar Lumens, can process the entire transaction.

    In the recent community paper, an international organization based on Swiss for public-private cooperation looks at the smart contract platform known as Cardano, which also provides details for the transactions that it can process within a second.

    Next on the WEF’s list is XRP and its global open-source blockchain, the XRP ledger.

    The WEF also highlights the throughput and infrastructure of Ethereum competitor Solana while describing it as a proof-of-stake blockchain network designed for mainstream adoption.

    Another crypto asset on the WEF’s radar is Celo, which is designed to enable smartphone users to send, receive, and store money as reported by WEF.

    A Swiss-based international organization is also describing the speed of Algorand, and WEF said that ALGO is a network that allows both traditional and decentralized financial firms to create applications based on decentralization.

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